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SafeTec+ industrial protection film is designed to protect your CNC machines from damage.

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protection film

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Was ist SafeTec+

What is Safetec+

Protecting CNC machines - optimal protection for your machine park

The SafeTec+ film is a HighTec film specially developed for your application. It is an energy-absorbing film and was created to absorb any foreign impact on the actual inspection window of your machines. SafeTec+ distributes the kinetic energy of the point of impact caused by the object to the film and the specially developed adhesive. The energy is thus distributed over a large area. This reduces the probability of breakage or any damage to the pane to an absolute minimum

Why Safetec+

A product solely created for your optimal protection

  • Best protection of your window from damage

  • Easy and quick to install by yourself following the delivered instructions

  • Reduction of the cost for a machine window replacement to 20% or less

  • Prevention of production loss due to machine downtime

  • No external installation costs


Installation instructions

Overview of the most important installation steps

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Clean the machine window

Roughly clean the viewing window with water and afterwards clean it with glass cleaner

Spray on liquid

Apply foil

fix foil with squeegee

Use the supplied squeegee to wipe out the bonding liquid from the inside to the outside

Mix the adhesive liquid supplied and apply it to the viewing window and film

Place the foil on the machine window from the inside and align it

Technical information

Blast Inhibition:

GSA Level C

Tensile strength at break:

26.000 PSI



Elongation at break:

20 Nm

Pull strength:

0,8 Nm

Questions about the product

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Questions about the installation



You are interested in our SafeTec+ industrial protection film and would like to become a sales partner?

Feel free to send us an inquiry to:

by HS Hansetrade KG

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