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Safetec+ ClearView is designed to improve the visibility of your vision panels during wet processing.

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Was ist ClearView

What is SafeTec+ ClearView 

Better visibility when using cooling lubricants

SafeTec+ ClearView is a nano sealant specially developed for your application. SafeTec+ Clearview is used on the viewing windows of your machinery to ensure extremely high beading behavior of the cooling lubricant for you and your employees, thus enabling a better view. SafeTec+ ClearView was specially developed for use on SafeTec+ industrial protection film. In addition to the use on our industrial protection films, the use of SafeTec+ Clearview also guarantees an extreme and long-lasting beading behavior of the cooling lubricant on glass surfaces.

Why SafeTec+ ClearView 

Optimum beading behavior of the cooling lubricant

  • Specially developed for our SafeTec+ industrial protection films

  • Can also be used on viewing panels without industrial protection films

  • Easy and quick to install yourself according to instructions

  • Ensures better visibility

  • No accessories needed, any installation accessories are included


Installation guide

Overview of most important installation steps

Instalation Flight.png


Roughly clean the window with water and then clean it with glass cleaner.

Spray on


Repeat as 

Depending on load requirements, SafeTec+ ClearView protection varies, so we recommend renewal as needed

Spray the viewing window with SafeTec+ ClearView and spread it with the microfiber cloth provided

Polish the viewing pane with the second microfiber cloth provided



You are interested in our SafeTec+ ClearView and would like to become a sales partner?

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by HS Hansetrade KG

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